Paris 12 Stinville-Montgallet

This project opens the block up by enlarging access to the neighboring square. It softens the rough edges by setting itself back from the street and adjoining buildings, conserving views and sunshine for residents and favoring views on to the square. It organizes coexistence between public facilities and housing : for the public, the street, for residents, the block’s interior.

Consultation procedures, mixed nature of the program, duality of project ownership and decanting, make these two buildings representative of the complex Parisian real estate situation.

Maître d’ouvrage  : SEMIDEP (logements) | Ville de Paris (Centre d’animation)

Architecte :  Babel | Michel Seban & Associés

Mission : Complète + Signalétique

Programme :  45 logements locatifs | Centre d’animation | Parc de stationnement 80 places

4 725 m² HON | 7,20 M€ HT