Paris 15 Eugène Millon

Before, there was a garage with a 55m-facade surrounded by Haussmannian buildings.

An Exercise in Style

This building claims its modernity while simultaneously integrating the street’s landscape. The long facade with a scale imposed by urban regulations takes up the rhythm of the older buildings that frame it and set the street’s tone.

It was extremely important that each apartment have a southern-facing terrace and the fantasy of the premises resides within these loggias. With a depth of 2m, they are veritable small rooms open to the outside by an 80cm-cantilevered balcony above the street. They are bordered with terracotta trellises in which an “external window” has been cut out.

Maître d’ouvrage :  Kaufman & Broad

Architecte :  Babel | Michel Seban & Associés

Mission :  APS à DCE

Programme :  51 logements en accession

3700 m² HON | 4,3 M euros HT