Orange Cours Pourtoules

Orange, the city of sunshine, the city of the Mistral, the city of paradoxes. Sunny and windy in the summer, hot during the day, mild at night. Sunny and brisk in the winter, mild during the day, chilly at night…

Loggias create a transitional space that genuinely extends living rooms and bedrooms via an innovative system of windows turned towards the exterior. They are associated with a cultural building, and reconcile the private domain with public space, while affirming their modernity by slightly updating certain “local color” ingredients – wooden blinds, in particular – and by putting them at the service of the residents’quality of life.

Client : Le Nouveau Logis Provençal

Architect : Babel | Michel Seban, Elisabeth Douillet

Mission :  Complète

Program : 46 logements locatifs

3570 m² HON | 1,85M€ HT