Marseille 13-14 LOGIREM

New constructions (code name BU3) and renovations (code name LMQ) are at the heart of the Picon Busserine’s ANRU [National Agency for Urban Renovation] project.

Behind these code names hides a long-term project, which will improve the life of its residents. The diversity of the new building’s housing enhances the existing offer. The apartments in the existing buildings, are being modernized, enlarged and redesigned in order to better correspond with social demand. The facades are being insulated and revised, subtly, but tastefully.

Here, new buildings dialogue with older ones, and are built in accordance with the adjoining building and complete the unfinished aspect of the street.

It ensures the transition between the J bar (another code name), and ends the long complex built along boulevard Charles Mattei with a punctuation mark. It also outlines the future public square.

Loggias, windbreaks, awnings and screens are on the agenda as well. A lesson in well-being and privacy from A to Z.

The code names will be replaced with “real” addresses, on “real” streets. A lesson in urban design from A to Z.

Maître d’ouvrage  : LOGIREM

Architecte  : Babel | Michel Seban & Associés, pour Babel+Prado

Mission  : Complète

Programme  : 27 logements BBC locatifs neufs | 1867 m² SP | 2,9 M€ HT

233 logements réhabilités | 8,5 M€ HT